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Job at Tempustelcosys

Our Clients

Tempus Telcosys (P) Limited is a company limited by shares which is incorporated in India under the company act 1956 having our registered office at Jabalpur and site offices located at Kolkata, Lucknow, Bhopal & Patna. Tempus Telcosys (P) Limited has its presence all over India. We are approved by Ministry of Corporate Affairs and Government of India to work in India and Abroad in Telecom, Electronics, IT, Automation, Retail & Service Sectors.Our core competent is Telecom. We Tempus Telcosys Private Limited are offering network life cycle solutions for Telecom Service Providers (Operators) & Equipment & Technology Providers (Vendors) for seasonal & annual needs by providing state of art expertise.

Tempus Telcosys Pvt. Ltd. is one of the emerging Network Services company, offering services and solutions to address the Network Life Cycle requirements of Telecom Carriers and Technology providers (OEMs). Tempus Group is India's emerging business group focused on Network Services and Shared Telecom Infrastructure. Tempus Telcosys Private Limited is the holding company of "Tempus Group" that has 7 operating companies spanning in Telecom, Management, Embedded, IT ,Software, Retail & Service Sectors.

We have professional’s network spanning all across India. Tempus Telcosys provides complete life-cycle solutions around Network Services. The services include Network Planning and Design, Network Deployment, Network Operations and Maintenance, Infrastructure Management, Energy Management and Professional services. The Group offers excellent working conditions and provides social benefits. To know more about us, kindly drop in a mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We have hands on expertise in Corporate Training for young professionals in all Telecom Technologies like GSM, GERAN (GPRS & EDGE Radio Access Network), CDMA (95 to 1X), EVDO, 3G Systems (UMTS, WCDMA, HSDPA, HSUPA), 4G Systems (LTE, WiMax), VoIP, IPTV etc. We are providing following state of art exposure to young professionals in diversified expertise like I&C Active & Passive Elements (Installation & Commissioning) for BTS / BSC / MSC / DG / AC / BB / NMS / SMPS / Shelter,O&M (Operation & Maintenance) for BTS / BSC / MSC / DG / AC / BB / NMS / SMPS / Shelter, BSS / OSS / SS7 / Core Networks, RF Survey(RF, RFI, BTS, Civil & Electrical), Transmission Survey, Repeater Site Survey, IBS, AT & Site Acquisition, RF Drive Test (Pre, Post, APT for CDMA/GSM/GPRS/EVDO/VoIP/WiMax/LTE), RF Data Analysis, Post Data Analysis, Statistical Data Analysis, KPI Analysis, Index Monitoring & Improvement, RNO/RNI/RND (Radio Network Optimization, Improvement, Design), TNO/TNI/TND (Transmission Network Optimization, Improvement, Design), NPO/NPI/NPD (Network Performance Optimization, Improvement, Design), All Network Element Health Checkup (Alarms & Faults), Planning (RF/Nominal/Frequency/Transmission/Network/Channel).